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National Task Forceon Medicinal Cannabis

Member Organizations

The Medicinal Cannabis Patients' Alliance of Canada Inc. (MCPAC) is a federally incorporated Not-for-Profit organization of chronically and critically ill, often disabled, volunteers. MCPAC was established in February 2012 to provide a vehicle for Canadians to ally in support of, and provide a collective voice and public resource to, other Canadians with regard to Medicinal Cannabis. Most members have been authorized to possess and use cannabis legally in Canada; many provide for themselves or others by producing it legally today at no cost to any government; and we all need reasonable, affordable access for the remainder of our natural lives.


The Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Partners is a registered B.C. non-profit organization operating since June 14, 2014. We are committed to changing the way that Cannabis is accessed in Canada. We will continue to lobby federal, provincial and municipal governments across the country to;

Simplify access to Cannabis as a medicine.

* Lobby government to create a home production system as mandated by the federal courts that meets the needs of all approved medicinal cannabis patients.

* Lower the cost of Cannabis.

* Create a system that allows for cost effective production of Cannabis.

* Create a free market distribution system with exceptions for patients in a regulated environment.



The Hayley Rose Foundation was created to study, research and educate the public on how vital and valuable the cannabis plant is.

Our Constitution

* To relieve poverty by providing support and care to children afflicted with epilepsy and their families who are poor, of low income, or in need
* To advance education by developing and providing information and training for families with children afflicted by epilepsy
* To promote health by providing children with epilepsy and their families with access to related outreach, counselling, information, or group support programs
* To advance education by providing awards for research into the management of epilepsy in children
* To promote health by providing health care services or products that prevent and manage serious threats to health and survival of children with epilepsy.

MUMM is a Non-Profit Organization registered in Nova Scotia conducting activities in all Atlantic Provinces since October 30, 2003.

Our Mission:

Educate the public, policy makers and opinion makers about the value of medicinal cannabis.

Defend patient gardens, therapeutic dispensaries, clubs, societies and other safe means of accessing medicinal cannabis.

Unify medicinal cannabis advocates, patients and caregivers on a focused campaign.

Frame a debate around Health Canada’s perceived unwillingness to create a therapeutic cannabis program for Canadians requiring medicinal cannabis.

Serve as a catalyst for grassroots advocates to work effectively with drug policy reform groups and supportive local, provincial and federal officials.


We are looking for dedicated people who are willing to contribute to our cause.

Whether you represent an organization, group, media, profession or business, the National Task Force on Medicinal Cannabis wants you to join our team.

As a participant in our cause, you or your group will have an opportunity to contribute your unique skills to promote our cause.

We need your support. If you are a journalist, radio or visual media organization, we need you to get the word out there.

If you are a social media or other group, we need your support.

We need the endorsement of medical and legal professionals.

And we need financial support from businesses and individuals.

Your participation will earn you or your group a place on our site with a link to your page or website and other promotional opportunities.

If you would like to get involved, use our Contact Us link and let's get started.

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